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How to Make an 80 Pound Longbow With PVC Pipe Part 2 Plus Humor

October 3, 2012 in Diy projects

New book! Simple PVC Pipe Bows Book – Hey everybody, today we’ll be building an 80 pound longbow with PVC pipe, the same one in my last shooting video. This is the second part in which we will taper the tips, string the bow, weight it, and have some hilarity ensue. I apologize for this video. Near the end of the build (I started at night, so it was pretty late) I started to get a little tired. The bow was also quite heavy, so some humor leaked through. I hope you enjoy the video, especially my creative use of language in the last bit. As a side note, this bow was getting, this night, an average of 165 fps with a 435 gr. arrow. It was going between about 160 and 170. This shot was a bit of an outlier, but very cool nevertheless. I never thought I would break 170 fps with a PVC bow under any circumstances. On a cloudy hot day, I averaged 160 fps with a 435 grain arrow.

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