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How To Make Plywood Boxes • 22 of 64 • Woodworking project for kitchen cabinets, desks, etc…

September 14, 2012 in Diy projects

Drill press In this video I show a very accurate table saw method for notching out the solid wood banding to fit the rabbet. By using the table saw cross cut guide and the table saw fence you can make repeatable cuts for all of the banded ends. It’s the initial measuring and marking that assures a precise fit. You will see me demonstrating or discussing the following tools and machines: Farrier’s file, bahco chisel, Jorgenson hand screws and the General table saw, This is video 22 of 64 in the How To Make Plywood Boxes series. Allan Little is AskWoodMan™ Follow him on twitter, be a fan on Facebook, or subscribe to his blog!

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